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Since 2015, the award-winning husband and wife team iLLism has given performances all around the Twin Cities and the country. The hip-hop team is known for its cross-genre production, catchy songs, tight harmonies, and inspiring lyricism. Envy and Fancy were born and raised in the Twin Cities, home to Prince, The Time, The Sounds of Blackness, and Mint Condition. Growing up in the 1990s, both of their upbringings were concentrated on black culture and its influence, which spurred their passion for hip-hop music and the revolutionary genres that influenced it.
iLLism's repertoire incorporates live instrumentation while the production crosses several genres, including Hip hop, R&B, Jazz, and Minneapolis Funk. Since 2016 they have delivered two EPs and three full-length albums, including their most recent release, "Family Over Everything," which dropped in July of 2021. Their efforts have been rewarded with invitations to play on prestigious stages like Super Bowl Live, NAMM, SXSW, and Prince's famous estate Paisley Park.

Envy and Fancy are prominent black creatives who are active and devoted members of their communities. A major part of their mission is to uplift other black creatives. In early 2022 they saw this mission to fruition and acquired their first brick-and-mortar in South Minneapolis turning it into a creative space, "The Legacy Building." Since its official opening in June 2022, The Legacy Building has served as a creative haven for artists to explore, collaborate, and produce captivating content and experiences.

The duo continues to have a lot to contribute as they expand their platform, give voice to the underrepresented, honor their distinctive sound, and advance black culture.

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