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Husband and wife duo iLLism have been performing together since 2015 throughout the Twin Cities and across the United States. The Hip Hop duo are known for their cross-genre production, catchy hooks, tight harmonies, and awe-inspiring lyricism. Born and raised in the Twin Cities -home to Prince, The Time, Bob Dylan and Mint Condition, Envy and Fancy grew up in the 90's era when hip hop was on the rise. Black culture and its influence were at the core of both of their upbringings, which fueled their passion for hip hop music and the revolutionary genres that helped shape it.


iLLism's repertoire incorporates live instrumentation while the production crosses several genres, including Hip hop, R&B, Jazz, and funk. Since 2016 they have delivered two EP's and two full-length albums, all of which were written and recorded exclusively by the duo, at their home, in a spare bedroom.


Proper representation of the black narrative is a primary focus for the duo. As influential black creatives who take pride in being active members of their communities, Envy and Fancy are also committed to their authenticity. And through those authentic, meaningful, and impactful contributions, they have gone on to perform on prestigious stages including, Super Bowl Live and performing twice at Prince's famous estate, Paisley Park.


Much is yet to come from the duo whose reputation has bolstered a musical movement that welcomes listeners of all identities. Continuing to build their platform is essential to their flourishing ambitions in music, philanthropy, and contributions to black culture.